There are a number of factors to consider when buying a digital camcorder. The recent advances in video technology mean


Memory Cards

It’s important when buying a digital camera to consider what type of memory card you’ll need. Most cameras come with

Play & Learn


Develop strategic and tactical thinking Build social skills Foster creativity Learn about animal and geography ZOORegatta is three games in

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Cyiecw Piano Music Mat

Engages motor skills Encourages music skills Practices physical activity Partakes in creative play The CYIECW Piano Music Mat is a

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Bean Bag Toss Game

Help build social skills Develop hand coordination and dexterity Learn count and number recognition Enhance concentration Bean bag toss games,

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Cat Crimes

Enhance critical thinking Practice reading comprehension Develop memory skills Develop problem-solving Board games are a good study break that continues

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Crazy Scientist Board Game

Exercise critical and logical thinking Develop hands-eye coordination Enhance social skills Board games are unconventional tools for learning. They can

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I Spy Dig In Game

Engages memorization skills Encourages perception skills Practices problem solving Partakes in cognitive thinking The I Spy Dig in Game introduces

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Crocodile Hop Floor Game

Color and shape recognition Gross motor development Number recognition and Counting skills Social skills The classic game of hopscotch is

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Benefits of Architech

Engages problem solving skills Teaches STEM based skills Promotes cognitive practice Partakes in creativity STEM based toys always benefit children

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Silly Street The Game

Foster creativity Builds communication and social skills Relief stress Big imagination lead to big ideas. From an early age, children

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I Spy Games

Develop Memory retention Detention to details skills Work on vocabulary Reading Device I Spy board games and books are not

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Busytown, Eye Found It

Develops critical thinking skills Builds confidence and communication skills Fosters social skills Helps observation skills Inspired by the classic game

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