Best Cooling Fans For The Summer

A fan is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to cool a room down. Starting at just 20 USD, they’re also extremely easy to install: Just plug them in and press the ‘on’ switch. But what types of fan are available, and what special features should you look out for?

Cooling Fans photo
Photo by cogdogblog

The most common type of fan is the pedestal fan, which houses the fan in a circular cage mounted on top of a column. Even the simplest models typically have a choice of speeds (Off, 1, 2, 3), and many will oscillate back and forth automatically to provide a wide area of cooling. Shorter table fan versions are also common and inexpensive.
One recent arrival on the scene is the “tower fan” variety, which does away with the circular head and instead houses the fan(s) within a stout plastic column. They’re less attractive but more compact and similarly cheap, starting at about 30 USD.
The most basic variety is the box fan, which is basically a fan housed in a square cage. These are available from as little as 12 USD, but really aren’t very attractive.
If you’re looking for a real classic look, check out brands such as Aloha , which offers a retro fan model for about 60 USD. Deco Breeze also makes some attractive models, but they’re way pricier at over 200 USD.

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