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Online dating has evolved over the past few years as technology has advanced. Before people had the ability to post pictures, individuals met in various chat rooms. Today, there are dating sites that allow people to create customized profiles and attach pictures. Computers are not even needed, since applications have been developed for phones. Here is a look at some of the best online dating sites.

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General Dating Sites
Dating online has become very simple. General dating sites allow a person to look through numerous profiles to seek someone of interest. It is possible to narrow the search and connect by email on a normal basis. Some of these sites offer free online dating opportunities while others may charge a fee. This may be useful for gay online dating as well. There are many online dating reviews which will help a person choose one which fits individual needs.
Christian Dating Sites
Christian online dating has become quite popular. Numerous sites exist to provide friendship or something more serious. It is considered better than the conventional norm of meeting a stranger at a bar. Christian online dating provides a community where singles can meet others who share the same values and belief in God.
Jewish Dating Sites
There are also numerous free online dating sites that cater to the Jewish faith. These sites attempt to strengthen the Jewish community and sustain tradition for future generations. Unlike traditional dating services which do not match people of similar faiths, a Jewish dating site matches people with the same religious background.
Regional Dating Sites
Many people enjoy dating for free online. A regional dating site allows a person to find a mate in a certain geographic area. Some people want to find a match in a local region that is close to home. Others wish to meet someone from a foreign land. Either way, there are websites that allow dating for free online within a certain place.
STD Dating Sites
Dating online is excellent for people with sexually transmitted diseases. It can be complicated to get involved with a person and have to explain about being infected with something serious like herpes, hepatitis, or AIDS. Some of the best online dating sites provide the ability to match people with similar diseases. They allow people to look past the problem and find companionship.
Ethnic Dating Sites
Hispanic online dating sites and black online dating sites are two of the most popular in existence. These sites are just a taste of the ethnic groups which have the opportunity to mingle and meet people of the same race and background. Hispanic online dating matches people of Hispanic heritage. Black online dating matches people of similar skin color.
Military Dating Sites
Military life is not always for everyone. It can make it extremely difficult to make a successful romantic connection when lifestyle is so uncertain. This type of online dating service allows a person to meet inside military branches or for normal citizens to meet a person serving the country. People who use these sites give them very positive online dating reviews.
Sexual Encounter Dating Sites
Certain people are not looking for a long term relationship and are simply out for a quick sexual encounter. It is best to try a site like this where both parties understand the expectations. This is far from a normal dating service, but functions in the same manner. Most of these sites are geared to married people who are looking for a brief affair with a different person. In certain cases, gay online dating may be part of this segment as well.

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