Gas & Electric Heaters

There are a lot of different heaters in the market. We will tackle some of the most common types. Gas and electricity are the two main energy sources of heaters. When it comes to gas heaters, heat is produced from burning gas. An electric current is going through a resistant conductor like a coil of metal wire. Heat is then produced from the breaking down of energy.
A gas heater has two main types: vented and unvented. In the case of Vented gas heaters, a gets an outside air while the other duct brings out the exhaust fumes. It also has a sealed permanent connection to a flue. It is one of the safest types of gas heater. Unvented gas are meant to be used outdoors. The fumes are being brought our directly.

Electric Heaters photo
Photo by USCPSC

Electric heaters do not create exhaust fumes. All the heat that are made can be used safely and be brought back to the room. A flue is not needed which is also the case with gas heaters that would make it energy efficient. Electric heater has different types as well. A Micathermic heater depend on the physics of natural convection to dispense the created hot air. A ceramic heater on the other hand has a ceramic disc that dispenses the warm air in the room. Convection heaters uses oil, ab electric coil and can work with or without a fan. It looks like a central heating radiator
Oil-filled convection heaters are worth about50 USD. While the micathermic heaters are about 30 USD. And the ceramic heaters are 20 USD.

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