Air Conditioners (AC)

Cooling and dehumidifying a room is the main purpose of an air conditioner (AC). The way an AC unit works is almost the same as with a refrigerator. An AC gets warm air from the room and then the air passes through the cooling coils and is then released back in the the room, cold. There is a liquid substance in the cooling coil. It then warms up and is being pumped to the outward-facing side of the unit. It passes through a new set of coils which has an interaction with the air outside and finally sends the hot air at the back of the AC unit.

Air Conditioner photo
Photo by rockriver

As the warm air condenses due to the cold cooling coil inside, the air is also being dehumidified. A cooler and drier air is pumped back into the room.
There are a lot of AC sizes. It is essential to consider the size when purchasing an AC unit. A large AC unit will put a dent in your wallet as the electricity is quite expensive. Buying a small air conditioner, such as a 12000 btu air conditioner, for a big room is a bad idea as it may not cool the room efficiently. Make sure that the AC unit that you are buying is directly proportioned to the room where you will put it. There are chart that you can cross reference the size of the AC to your room. The bigger the room, the bigger the unit and the expenses.
Other advanced models have added features such as:

  • A digital screen
  • A timer setting
  • A customizable thermostat
  • Different fan speeds.

A new unit will make you cough up around 120USD.

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