Drapes are heavy, usually opaque pieces of fabric that can be drawn over a window to either darken the room or to protect the occupants’ privacy. Drapes can come in a variety of fabrics and patterns, and may be either single-layer or composed of multiple layers of different fabrics.

Drapes photo
Photo by Forever Wiser

When you’re looking at buying new drapes, pay close attention to how they attach to the rail in your home. If you buy the wrong kind, you’ll be forced to replace the rails too — and that can be messy work. For example, so-called rod-pocket drapes have a tube-like pocket along the top through which a curtain rod slides. These rods will also suit tab-top drapes, which have a series of loops of fabric attached to the top for attaching to a rod. Similarly, ring-top drapes have metal or wooden rings attached along the top, and which slide along the rod during opening and closing.
It’s with pleated drapes that you’ll hit problems. Here, the rod is actually a slider, onto which are mounted a series of small clips. These clips then attach to the curtains.

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