Boot Camp Exercises

What exercises are done in a boot camp?
Fitness boot camps are heavily inspired by its military counterpart. In a military boot camp, drill instructors are popularly known for putting their recruits through great amounts of physical exercise. The purpose of this is to prepare their soldiers for many challenging duties while and off the battlefield. The United States Army also has certain specifications. Thus, soldiers need to develop a range of muscles to be able to perform well.

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Similarly, in fitness boot camps these objectives are also applied. For you to have an idea of the calisthenics that you’ll find at your typical athletic boot camp, here is a list:
A. Sit ups
How it is properly done:

  • Use your abdominal muscles and not your back.
  • Do not sit up in a fluid manner.
  • Do not lead with one shoulder or the other.
  • Do a sit-up with someone who can assist you to ensure that you are using your abdominal muscles.
  • Do not favor a certain side as it will only leave the other one weaker.

B. Squats
How it is properly done:

  • Keep your back straight and head back,
  • Try to focusing on something on the ceiling for better concentration.
  • Feet should be at shoulders-width apart.

C. Pull ups
How it is properly done:

  • Use a pull up a bar
  • This must be done in a two count repetition
  • Start by having their arms fully extended but not locked.
  • Pull yourself up so that your chin comes above the bar and then back down.

D. Running
How it is properly done:

  • Should be done in a proper pair of running shoes and under the guidance of a trainer.

E. Lumberjacks
How it is properly done:

  • Combines pushups, squats, and jumping jacks, begins in the standing position.
  • Drops to do a push up.
  • Jumps up and do a squat.
  • End with a series of five jumping jacks.

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