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The value of a home warranty policy is unquestionable, especially for budget-conscious and financially limited homeowners. Home warranty is commonly mistaken with a homeowner insurance. The latter product acts as protection against major dangers including natural disasters and criminal acts. On the other hand, a home warranty refers to a contract between a home warranty provider and a homeowner. It offers financial aid for expenses related to repair and replacement work in certain components of a house. These include roofing damages, furnace or boiler installation, plumbing and electrical network leaks, etc. Major appliances are also covered by basic home warranties including dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, and garage door openers.

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Benefits of a Home Warranty
• More economical. Home warranties are a more economical alternative over out-of-pocket expenses for needed repairs and replacements. In most cases, a home warranty will cost only a few hundred dollars. In the event that something goes wrong like damage on electrical systems or leaking pipelines, you will only need to cough up $50 more or less for the service charge. The repair itself is covered by the warranty.
• Repair services are covered by the warranty. A home warranty features a warranty within itself. This means that, in the event a plumber or technician performs a poor job and issues resurface after only a short while, you can contact the service provider for a follow-up repair that is again entirely free of charge.
• Peace of mind. This is especially suited for financially challenged and budget-limited families who cannot afford the stiff charges of professionals for broken household components. In addition, it also acts as an ideal solution for families with little or no knowledge at all on how to repair or replace a home component.
One thing to consider is the company providing you with the contract. Choose a home warranty provider that offers the most suitable home warranty for you. Of course, this will primarily depend on what you need covered. Keep in mind that home warranties differ in function and terms with the so-called hazard insurance plan.
Nations Home Warranty at http://home-warranty.com/ is a good option to consider. The company offers 5 packages for their home warranty plans, which range from Basic coverage to Supreme coverage. Another is 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty at http://www.2-10.com/. They carry a large network of specialists including real estate experts and contractors.

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