What Is The Best SUV?

There are various factors that are involved with answering the question “What Is The Best SUV?” Things like size, performance, fuel economy, interior space, and other features including tires will be important to consider. Everyone will have different needs, so forming a comparison between various SUVs will be essential. To see the top SUVs in each category for 2013, simply select any of the links below.

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Top 5 Best Compact SUVs
A compact SUV is the class of smaller sports utility vehicles which are larger than most mini SUVs, but smaller than mid-sized versions. The length is approximately between 14 and 15 feet. It has a larger presence than normal car and will offer more space and features, without being too large to handle.
Top 5 Mid-Size SUVs
A mid-size SUV is a medium sized sports utility vehicle that is smaller than a full size SUV and larger than a compact SUV. The best SUV in this class will include four wheel drive, larger towing capacity, and a decent amount of cargo space. It has come to replace the classic minivans of the past and is perfect for busy families.
Top 5 Best Large SUVs
An SUV best in cargo and passenger room is a large SUV. It is bigger than both mid sized and compact SUVs. It usually receives the highest safety ratings of all SUV models. This vehicle usually provides the most features including cargo space and passenger seating.
Top 5 Crossover SUVs
A crossover SUV is normally constructed on a car platform. It is similar to the idea of a nostalgic station wagon or hatchback, but with higher ground clearance and AWD. Most crossovers have limited off road capability. Anyone who is afraid of driving a bulky vehicle, but still requires the flexibility and features of an SUV will be happy with a crossover.
Top 5 Hybrid SUVs
The title “Best SUV in the Hybrid Class” will be an SUV with two different power sources to energize the vehicle. Normally, both electric and internal combustion engines are used. This type of SUV will get better gas mileage than normal SUVs, but without sacrificing size or maneuverability. When traveling long distances, it will be convenient to drive a vehicle with adequate space, features, and fuel efficiency.
Top 5 Fuel Efficient SUVs
The best SUV for fuel economy and features will help a person save money at the gas pumps without giving up necessary space and off road capability. Since hybrid vehicles come with an initially higher price tag, there are other more affordable SUVs which provide all of the benefits of a larger vehicle without costing a lot of money to fuel.
When on the quest to uncover what is the best SUV, it is imperative to consider individual needs. Besides thinking about the different factors of each automobile, it is also essential to have the right tires. Without proper tires, a vehicle will not perform to full ability. For example, a vehicle with good tires will have better handling and achieve maximum gas mileage.

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