Discovering More on the Common Ailment of Heartburn

Heartburn affects millions of individuals every year as they experience the pain and consequences of this ailment. If you would like to find a way to resolve your discomfort, take advantage of educational solutions to help you determent heartburn causes, symptoms and remedies.

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Heartburn Cause
When looking at the different causes for your heartburn, the first thing a person should know is that heartburn has nothing to do with the heart. Heartburn and acid reflux are conditions of your digestive system and can be directly linked to stomach acid. To properly determine heartburn cause, it is important you first understand the anatomy impacting these pains.
It is common knowledge that when you eat food it is transported down your esophagus and into your stomach. What is less known is that between your stomach and esophagus exists the lower esophageal sphincter or LES. This muscular valve acts like a door between your stomach and esophagus that allows food to enter and prevents stomach acids from escaping. When this muscular valve is tampered with it represents the sole reason a person experiences heartburn.
So the question is, how does a person tamper with the lower esophageal sphincter to create the symptoms of heartburn? This is done in many ways so identifying the cause of your symptoms can help with alleviating future pain. Overeating represents the most common cause of heartburn since it expands the stomach and does not allow the LES to close properly. Factors like obesity or pregnancy can place pressure on the stomach resulting in stomach acid to be forced our through the LES.
Foods that are high in fats and oils or specific medications can cause the stomach to overproduce acid which is also a cause of pressure on the LES. Other factors that can increase the production of stomach acid include not getting enough sleep and stress. Finally, smoking can also be a major contributor since it relaxes the LES, allowing stomach acid to escape.
Heartburn Symptoms
It should be noted that the symptoms of heartburn can easily be mistaken with the symptoms of a heart attack. Make sure you do not confuse the two and if there is any confusion between the two contact a medical professional immediately. Most individuals who experience heartburn symptoms share the same pains, making it simple to diagnosis.
The most common symptom is found with a burning sensation in your chest that commonly occurs following a large meal. These symptoms can last anywhere between a few minutes to as long as several hours. This pain is often centered on your breastbone and can be incredibly uncomfortable. You can also experience this similar chest pain following activities like bending over or lying down.
Other heartburn symptoms can include a burning sensation in your throat. You will commonly experience a sour or acidic fluid in the back of your throat and this is your body reacting to stomach acids entering the esophagus. It can become difficult to swallow due to inflammation and when you eat you can often get the feeling food is stuck in your throat or chest.
More serious cases of heartburn and acid reflux can result in esophagus damage. When this occurs it is common to experience a sore throat, chronic coughing and chronic hoarseness.
Heartburn Relief
When looking for a heartburn remedy, there are many different solutions you can seek to take advantage of. The most common form of heartburn relief is to identify the habits you have that are causing your heartburn, such as overeating, and changing these habits. This can be a difficult task to pursue but it will offer you the best solution for a long term heartburn treatment.
If you are experiencing the more serious symptoms of heartburn, you should seek a heartburn remedy from a medical professional. These professionals can diagnose the elements influencing your heartburn and the damage that has been done. Prescriptions can then be provided to help alleviate your problem.
When you are hoping to find the best resource for heartburn information, diagnosis and potential heartburn treatment, make sure you take advantage of our services when a medical professional is not required.

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