Bow Ties

The bow tie is traditionally a dressier tie than a neck tie — dressier in the sense that it is worn to specifically formal occasions as opposed to simply forming part of smart office attire. Galas, dinners, and balls that call for evening wear will usually also expect men to wear a bow tie.

Bow Ties photo
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Because they’re normally worn with black dinner suits, bow ties are usually also black. Some professions, however, a well-known for wearing bow ties throughout the day too. Lawyers and architects, for example, may be seen wearing bow ties in dark blue or a range of other colors. It has been theorized that wearing a bow tie, which is infamously hard to tie, signifies the wearer’s superiority and high social standing.
If you’re totally unable to tie a bow tie, and there’s no one that can do it for you, you can always opt for a clip-on bow tie, although this is often frowned upon if noticed.

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