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When a person is sick, the body will become congested. During nasal congestion, a person may find it hard to breath because nasal passages swell. Congestion sinus conditions can be ongoing and lead to a sinus infection. On the other hand, chest congestion occurs as extra fluid and mucus build in the lungs. It can be a sign of a serious condition like pneumonia or bronchitis. Here is a look at ways to treat either congestion in chest or nasal passages.

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Nasal Congestion Relief
Finding in effective congestion remedy will help alleviate a blocked nose during a cold or the flu. The best way to eliminate nasal congestion is to keep the air filled with moisture. Using a humidifier at the side of the bed at night will help to open the nose and relieve congestion sinus pressure. Sleeping in am elevated position may also keep the nose from stuffing up. It is also helpful to remain well hydrated. Drinking plenty of water will help to thin mucus and keep a nose from getting blocked. Some people use a saline spray for nasal congestion relief as well.
Chest Congestion Remedy
Many times a person will experience chest congestion and cough at the same time. It is common for a person to experience this problem when the flu or cold is present. As with nasal congestion, a person should drink plenty of liquids and add humidity to the air in the home to find relief from congestion in the chest.
There are also foods that help eliminate chest congestion and cough. For example, chicken soup is good to eat for relief from chest congestion because it heightens the movement of mucus in the body. It also helps to lower lung inflammation. Honey is also a natural way to suppress a cough. Studies have shown that honey can be as effective as over the counter medicine to relieve coughing.
Many people head to the drugstore for a product to get relief from chest congestion and cough. It is important to choose an expectorant with a chesty cough, so that mucus is thinned. This will make it easier to cough out.
One of the most common types of illness a person will get is an upper respiratory infection. This will cause a person to have nasal or chest congestion. This congestion makes it hard to breath. Therefore, an effective remedy must be uncovered. It is vital for a person to do some research for ways to relieve the discomfort. There are often unexpected ways to find relief. Whenever breathing becomes extremely difficult or cold symptoms last longer than normal, it is essential to visit the doctor. There may be something more serious at the root of the problem. This professional will also be able to advise the best course of treatment for individual needs. In the end, a person will be able to breath better.

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