Deck Designs

A wooden platform that is built above the ground and connected to the main building or structure with a railing for safety is the usual elements that comprise the deck of a house.

Deck Designs photo
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Access may be from the house through doors and from the ground through a stairway. Residential decks can be constructed over steep areas or rough ground that is considered to be unusable for other purposes. A canopy can also be used to control sunlight. Many books, do-it-yourself magazines and several web sites across the Internet have various deck designs.
There are larger buildings which have decks on their upper floors that may be open to the public as observation decks. A deck is usually the surface used to construct a boardwalk over sand paths on barrier islands. In professional construction, laying deck or throwing deck refers to the act of placing and bolting down steel beneath roofing and concrete floors which can be done by an iron worker and oftentimes in conjunction with a cement mason, carpenter or other construction expert and is one of the most physically demanding jobs in the construction industry.
For people who are interested in a roof deck, the roof deck is the roofing material layer between the primary structural components and weatherproofing layers in a typical roof system. Usually the roof deck acts as a unifying structural diaphragm by tying all the structural components together. Various types of roof deck are plywood, wood tongue and groove, corrugated metal, grancrete encapsulated polystyrene, reinforced concrete, and double tee.

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