Sandals are perhaps the oldest form of footwear — but that doesn’t mean that every pair is perfect. It’s still possible to buy uncomfortable sandals that wear down quickly. To get proper value for money, you have to consider what type of sandals you’re looking for and how much you’re prepared to pay.

Sandals photo
Photo by Nono Fara

We stock a number of different types, but our two most popular types are the sport sandal and the hiking sandal. The sports sandal has thinner, more flexible straps, allowing the foot to move more freely. These sandals are ideal for sailing, for example, since they drain quickly when wet.
The more-rugged hiking sandal has tougher straps and is more enclosed. The foot receives more support when encountering rocky terrain, for example, and the side panels provide protection from gravel or sharp sticks.
Buying the wrong type of footwear, either because of the cost or simply because you didn’t do your research, can be a painful and costly exercise. It’s better to consider your purchase fully and to be prepared to make the necessary investment. At Maggie’s Discount Sandals, we work to ensure that your investment is only as high as it need be, and that you get the best possible value for money.

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