Camcorder Accessories

Camcorder accessories include all kinds of things — from straps and bags right through to clip-on lights and screen hoods. A screen hood blocks ambient light from falling on the camcorder’s screen so that you can always see the picture properly.

Camcorder  photo
Photo by Joe Shlabotnik

Of course we also stock a range of cables, including FireWire and USB cables to allow you to download video from your digital camcorder onto your computer. We’ve also got every imaginable type of memory cards, tapes, and discs.
A bag is one of the essential accessories for your digital camcorder — who would spend hundreds on a fancy new camcorder and then risk it taking a fatal knock? We recommend bags with divided interiors to allow you to accommodate your tapes, wires, and camcorder separately. Obviously the bag itself should be sturdy and ideally water resistant so that the camcorder won’t be ruined if you get caught out in the rain.
Bags that shut securely not only prevent accidental opening but also make it harder for thieves to gain access.
Even with these few considerations, you can start to see how a quality bag is indispensable for keeping your camcorder in working order for years to come.

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