Feeding Bowls

Pet feeding bowls vary widely in size and style. Cats obviously require only relatively small bowls, whereas a dog will need a larger bowl to accommodate the amount of food they eat. Considerations when buying a pet bowl are largely the same as when buying any bowl. If you’re hoping to clean the bowls in a dishwasher, make sure they’re dishwasher-safe, and be sure to buy stainless steel bowls if you’re concerned about durability. Ceramic pet bowls are often much more attractive, but are susceptible to breakages. If your dog eats in a prominent area of your home, ceramic bowls might be less unattractive when left lying around.

Feeding Bowls photo
Photo by thesoftlanding

Some bowls come attached to an automated feeding mechanism that can be instructed to release food for your pet at designated times. This is great if you know you won’t be around to give your pet its evening meal — for example, if you’re going to be working late.

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