Junk Removal Services

What Services Are on Offer?
If you’ve decided to go down the do-it-yourself route, there are still service that can help. Instead of filling your car or van with junk, especially in the case of garden waste or construction materials, you can hire a dumpster. Companies will deliver the dumpster to the street outside your home. You can fill it with junk at your own pace and then the company will collect it at a specified time.

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The size of the dumpster will generally determine the price, but the company may also have to pay for a permit to leave the dumpster on your street. This will add to the cost. Nevertheless, filling a dumpster under your own steam is generally a very cost-effective way of disposing of often quite considerable volumes of junk.
Still, consider carefully whether you can’t simply pile the stuff into your trunk. Especially in larger station wagons or SUVs, you might be able to simply lay down a tarpaulin and pile in the junk. It’s all a question of volume. You can then drive the haul over to a dump and dispose of it — usually at no charge. This is probably the cheapest option, but only works for smaller volumes of junk and if you have a reasonably large car.
You can also arrange for garbage disposal services to come and help you remove the junk. Often these services are available to hire by the day at a reasonable charge, and will take much of the hassle out of the process of clearing out a room. Companies vary in size from just a few men with a truck to huge commercial services, so be sure to choose a company that suits your needs. For very large volumes of junk, the smaller companies might be overburdened or charge you a disproportionate amount, as their facilities are not ideal for the volumes involved.
With any company, check that the team coming to your home is properly certified and insured so that any complaints or damages will be handled correctly.

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