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We live in a highly mobile and technology driven society. The advent of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and netbooks have pushed the standard desktop computer low on the totem pole of technology platforms. Our need for twenty-four hour around the clock communication, social networking, and online blogging has changed the way we interact with and consume news. We are able to instantly connect with individuals all over the world and this instantaneous delivery of news and media has created limited privacy as well as an inundation of information.

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The personal computer of today looks very different from the personal computer of last decade. The personal computer of today takes into account mobility, size, weight and processor speed. Faster processing speeds, thinness, and touch screens are buzz words that represent the products that we use today. These devices may take the form of a Windows tablet, Android tablet, Ipad, iOS device and Samsung Galaxy tab just to name a few. Technology manufacturers are in a competition for the consumer dollar and fight for the title of the best tablet, best netbook, or best laptop on the market.
The market is so inundated with products that is can be difficult for the consumer to decide which is the best netbook, best tablet, or best laptop. In addition to determining the best device, the technologically savvy consumer has to decide if they need to upgrade their smart phone to a Windows tablet or an Android tablet. Also, one has to consider if they should get a portable laptop vs netbook, or a netbook vs a tablet. Making a decision can be a daunting, perplexing, and overwhelming task.
Fortunately for you, we have summarized which brands are the best tablet, best netbook, and best laptop below, along with laptop reviews and netbook reviews on some of the top devices on the market today.
Laptops of today provide the functionality and usability of your desktop computer but at a fraction of the size and weight. Laptops have the same features of the desktop computer with a keyboard, display, and speakers. Many have CD-rom and Dvd drives allowing you to burn music, watch movies, and utilize other software on the computer. There are many positive laptop reviews for Apple, Sony, and Lg brand products.
Laptop vs Tablet
When deciding whether a laptop vs tablet is best for your needs, you would do well to consider what tasks you are looking to perform on your device. If you are a business professional, graphic designer, or even a writer a highly functional laptop would most likely be best. Tablets are ideal for reading books, web surfing, and playing games; all which can be performed on a laptop.
The Ipad once represented one of the top and most coveted tablet devices on the market. Apple prided itself in being a leader in innovation, design, and functionality. The Ipad is an iOS device. Apple tablets utilize the iOS operating system that is found in the Iphone. If you are an Apple connoisseur, then the tablet that you would buy is a no brainer. Tablet computer reviews continually rank this tablet as one of the top tablets on the market. However, the price of Apple products make other brands more attractive to cost conscious consumers. If you are not biased toward Apple products then the Samsung Galaxy tab is an alternative tablet option that may work for you. In the world of tablet computer reviews these tablets rank high on the list.
Netbook vs Tablet
If you are comparing a netbook vs tablet in your purchase of a computer device then size and functionality are strong features to consider. Netbooks do not have touch screens and are not ideal for reading ebooks or magazines. Tablets have a sleeker thinner design, are smaller, and have screens with a higher resolution.
Laptop vs Netbook
Netbook reviews usually show that they are lower end and smaller laptops that have limited features and memory. Netbooks normally have smaller processing speeds than their larger counterparts. Netbooks usually lack a CD-rom and dvd drive. They have small screens and low resolution. But if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive computing device for basic word processing and web access, then a netbook may be the device for you.
No matter what your price point or needs, you can be sure that you will be able to find the perfect computing device that will help you connect with the world.

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