Remote Access Cards

Accessing your cards remotely
There are some call cards that you can access anywhere within the United States as well as other places across the world by using simple remote access to the information placed on those cards. As applied to international calling cards, remote memory cards use a toll or toll-free access number to access the company database and confirm the balance on the calling card that you are using. Since the United States never had a single nationwide telephone service and with the current deregulation of major telecommunications providers, there will be no gain to have the same system with the rest of the world.

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A company in the United States known as Phone Line was first in history to produce public prepaid remote international calling cards in 1980. Remote memory cards for international calling cards were issued in various regions and countries while competing telecom industries arise around the globe. You can use remote memory phone cards from any phone without special card readers such as those on public pay phones. Remote memory phone cards have become increasingly popular throughout the world since they are more accessible and have lower costs than other cards. The problem, however, is with the use of these cards. The utility is reduced due to the enormous number of digits that you need to enter during usage, which can sometimes be up to 20 characters long.
To call over a long distance, the access number must first be dialled, followed by the keys in the secret PIN code and then by the actual long-distance number. The time balance remaining on the card is then declared by the computer based on the number entered, and the call is finally processed through. In essence, remote memory phone cards are text-based since they require an access number, a unique PIN and instructions. These instructions, hence, can be printed practically on anything or can be sent through e-mail.

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