Wheeled Luggage

Many people now buy luggage with wheels. Suitcases, duffle bags, and even laptop bags now commonly offer wheels and may also have a handle to allow you to wheel them comfortably from normal standing height.

Luggage photo
Photo by ngader

But wheels add extra factors to consider when choosing your luggage. First, think about how much weight you’ll be putting into the bag. Never put in so much that you cannot carry the luggage by hand — wheels are a comfort feature, not something to be relied upon. Overloading a case will also mean overloading the wheels, leaving them vulnerable to failure. Wheeling the bag across irregular surfaces or gravel can also hasten the wheels’ decline.
This raises a second point: Remember to check that the wheels are sturdy enough to carry even the correct load. The wheels and the zip are the only moving parts in most cases, and are therefore the most likely to fail. Durable fastenings and well-built wheels will ensure your bag lasts long enough to justify your investment.

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