How to Choose a Fireplace

Fireplaces used to be a fixture for cooking or heating in a contained fire. In these modern times, fireplaces are mainly used for heating. There are some fireplaces that don’t even require fire to bring heat. Others still use burning different materials such as gas, wood and coal.

Fireplace photo
Photo by .Great Grandpa & Grandma T.

Usually has a mantle around, a fireplace can be created from wood, limestone, marble, brick and other stuff. Architectural salvage yards are an ideal place to look for antique mantels. Buying an authentic antique is more expensive than buying an imitation.
Depending on your preferences, the quality of fire can be different. Taste and energy efficiency should be put into consideration. A surging fire is what some people want. But is has its repercussions against nature. Thick smoke can damage the environment. There are some laws being passed to stop open fires. Gas fire on the other hand is more environmentally friendly and can still put that romantic touch. It burns cleaner and through the main gas supply, restocking is no longer needed. There are also some imitation coals that are available. It can also mimic the effect of a burning coal – glowing red.
With Electric fires, a real fire is not really there. It shows varied flame effects though it is just a glowing electric coil. Through renewable energy sources, an electric fire is the most environmentally friendly way to go.

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