Leather Sofas

A leather sofa is a luxurious investment — but and it won’t be to everyone’s taste. Some people find leather sofas unattractive or, worse, uncomfortable to sit on. But others think that the presence of a cleanly finished natural material in the living room adds a touch of class.

Leather Sofas photo
Photo by K.rol2007

Of course, there is something to be said for fabric sofas — they’re often softer, and they won’t make you feel as sweaty. If your area gets hot, sticky summers, you might consider avoiding leather sofas.
There are a number of different styles of leather sofa. One popular variety is the so-called Chesterfield. This timeless design has thick leather studs set into the back and sides of the sofa, giving a taut, regal look. The relief of the surface also has the bonus effect of reducing the area in contact with the user’s body. And what does that mean? You’ll sweat less!
A quality leather sofa, treated well, will last for decades — leather is a very durable material. So although the initial cost is higher than you’ll pay for an upholstered sofa, you’ll end up paying less in the long term. Furniture stores sell products that you can, and should, use to keep your leather sofa in top condition.

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