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Wireless Internet access
People usually have the normal broadband internet at home. Broadband internet service are everywhere, even in the distant areas. But there are people who are situated in areas not covered by cable and DSL internet services. There is a new service that can help them.   With the help of satellite communications technology, they too, can use the internet with the help of satellite-based wireless Internet service.

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There are some wireless Internet providers that can compete with the speed of cable or DSL broadband connections. A phone line is not needed in wireless internet connection. Using the internet as well as the phone at the same time can now be possible. Consumers can avail a respectable service at a reasonable price.
What can Wireless Internet service offer me?
A wireless internet service offers the same internet connection speeds like the usual broadband internet service. The only different is that you can use the internet anywhere in your house. No more wires to tie you up in one place. Signals usually reach up to 100 feet indoors. When using it outdoors, it can go as far as 300 feet. With easy accessibility come some dangers in security. Make sure that you have a secure internet connection especially when you are doing money matter on the internet. Ask your technician to set up your internet connection with a WPA or WPA2 encryption standard to protect you from hacking and other viruses.
Different Types of Wireless Internet service
There are two different types of Wireless Internet service connections – one-way or two-way systems. Here are some of the differences of each service
One-way system: the satellite Internet connection handles all download services. While uploading, a service that happens occasionally is being handled by a dial-up phone connection.
Two-way system: This is a faster way since both uploads and downloads are being handled by a satellite. But this method can be quite expensive. Faster internet service, more expensive it will get.
How much will a Wireless Internet service cost me?
Wireless internet service can be quite expensive. It costs more than the usual broadband internet service. Cable and DSL internet service use modems that are very easy to install. It is commonly referred to as “plug and play”. Just plug them to the modem and to your computer and you can now access the internet. Satellite Internet connections on the other hand are not that easy to set up. It will also be more expensive since you have to have someone install a satellite dish, an antenna, and other electronic equipments. But as with cellular phones that depends on signals, location, landscape and weather can affect the speed or can sometimes even prevent you from accessing the internet.
Satellite internet service costs more than the usual internet plans in the market. A hundred bucks per month is the usual rate for satellite internet service. People who do not have cable or DSL modems should definitely go with wireless internet. A dial-up connection can also be good but using this service is a pain since it cannot really handle the bandwidth demands of internet browsing nowadays. You might just get frustrated with the slow internet speed with dial-up connection.

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