How to Start a Cleaning Service

Planning on starting a cleaning service?
Are you seeking for other income opportunities or looking for a way to jumpstart a career? Why not consider starting a cleaning service? This is a great way of running a home based business. You can either run it yourself or with other employees. The good thing about this business is that it is an extremely profitable venture that can generate revenue right away. Cleaning services can also be operated as half or full time operations. Its flexible quality is very appealing to most people.

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How do I go about it?
Assess and evaluate if you have the skills and ability required in the cleaning service industry. You must have a solid commitment to customer service, dedication to providing a thorough cleaning job, and determination. You must also possess honesty and integrity as well as exude those qualities to your customers. Having an overall keen business sense is also another factor,
Getting a franchise or Going independent?
For people who want to run their own business, but who want to do so following the model of what’s been successful in the past, a franchise is highly advised. Franchises offer levels of marketing support that cannot be found if you go independent It will take more costs if you go this route however. If you opt to go independent, make sure you feel comfortable with trial and error, and as long as you are willing to do the research, you should do well as an independent.
What about more specialized cleaning services?
Janitorial services are different than other cleaning services as they are more specialized and generally occur during more beyond office hours. Janitorial jobs are heavier and larger compared to regular cleaning service jobs, simply because the space is much larger. Janitorial may appear intimidating because of the size of the space but they can be broken down just like any other cleaning objective. Big businesses and establishments such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, and museums will need the use of janitorial services.

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