Knitting Needles

There are three basic types of knitting needle. The most common of the three is the straight needle, which is used for projects such as scarves, blankets, and ponchos. Double-pointed needles have points on both ends, are much shorter, and are used exclusively for making socks. So-called circular needles are an open loop with metal points on both ends, used for knitting round, tube-like projects such as bags or hats. The advantage is that they produce no seams, unlike in projects that have been knitted in pieces and then stitched together later.

Knitting Needles photo
Photo by rottnapples

Knitting needles can also be made of other materials. The choice of the material has little to no effect on the finished result, but can affect how comfortable your hands feel while knitting. For example, wooden knitting needles will feel warmer than metal knitting needles. Both types are common in knitting supplies stores, and we stock both as well as plastic, glass, and bamboo knitting needles.

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